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Leverage our advanced search engine to add deep search to your video collection.  Peepable makes your video collection searchable for the spoken word. Users can search for a word or phrase and jump straight to the point in any video where the words were spoken, then easily use our clipping tool to quickly create and share a “Peep” (a short clip) on their favorite social media platform.

Simple Integration

In just six lines of code, add a Peepable search box and media player to your website or simply download, install and configure our WordPress plugin. It takes just minutes to integrate Peepable, then add your video channels using our Publisher’s admin page, we’ll crawl your channel and your videos are ready to search.

No Uploads

There’s no need to upload your videos to Peepable, as the Peepable media player plugin is compatible with third-party media players and hosting sites, including YouTube.

Better understand your audience

Use Peepable’s detailed analytics to better understand how your audience interacts with your video collection, using the information to gain important insights into your business and increase user engagement.



Get Peepability For Your Videos
Add value to your video content by giving users the power to discover and instantly watch the segments of your videos that are of most interest to them, encouraging them to stay longer and watch more video clips.
Traffic & Revenue Generation
Drive more traffic to your website by enabling Peepable’s spoken-word search across your whole video collection. Peepable search works for both free and premium video content, driving both traffic and content sales.
User Engagement
Generate greater user engagement as users share their favourite Peeps – short clips of video – on social media, email and third-party websites.
Peepable Analytics
Get to know your audience by understanding exactly which searches, videos and even Peeps are the most popular. Use Peepable insights to plan your content strategy to attract more visitors and keep them on your site for longer.

Low Cost

Leverage our search expertise and scalable platform to bring video search to your website from only $19.95 per month. No need for complex development projects or API integration. Just a few lines of code is all it takes! Sign up today or contact us now for more information.

Deep video search, sharing and analytics for online video publishers